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Ste-Geneviève United Church (Ste-Genny's)

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United Church Women (UCW)

Our purpose is to provide an environment through which women of all ages may have an opportunity to express and demonstrate their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ.

What do we do?

*   Pursue spiritual growth as we continue our faith journey.
* Actively involve ourselves in the life of our Church.
* In the past we conducted fund raising activities to support our Church, United Church projects and the West-Island Community. Dwindling and aging UCW membership makes it unlikely that will have fundraising activities in the future.

How do we function?

The year 2020 was a very different one for all of us. We had to face many challenges because of “Covid-19”. The church was shut down so like everyone else; we went into confinement. Therefore the U.C.W. came to a halt, no meetings were held; although we were able to keep in contact by phone to everyone.

In 2021 once again, the Covid situation has had a significant impact on the life of our Church and the activities of the UCW. No formal Unit meetings were held; however, the individual Units kept in touch with their members. We kept the Church office advised of any instances in which cards should be sent. These cards were not restricted to members of the UCW, but included members of the Congregation as well.

We extend a warm invitation to all women of the Congregation to join us and to make new lifelong friends.

Up until 2019 our three units met monthly to enjoy fellowship and laughter while pursuing our spiritual growth. Our many activities up until that time can be described as follows:

*   The Monthly Unit meetings are held from September to May, usually at the Church. Come and join us at one of our unit meetings.
* Unit 2 and 4 are not currently meeting
* Unit 3 meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
* Each unit also has home members who are not able to attend meetings, who are, however, able to help us reach out to people by phone and help with our catering and baking needs.
* Two or three times per year all our members meet one evening for a General Meeting. A major part of this is devoted to a presentation by an outside speaker. Sometimes the meeting starts with a pot-luck supper.
* Once a month we take our turn to greet the Congregation at the door for the Sunday service, read the Scripture and take up the offering.
* Sometimes, when our Minister is away on holidays or study leave, we prepare for and conduct a Sunday worship service.
* Once a month we serve coffee, tea and juice after the Service. We also make sure there always are sufficient supplies for this.
* We regularly decorate the Church for special occasions as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.
* We run an efficient "Catering Service". We do a lot of fund raising by organizing a Fall Bazaar, several Banquets and Military Whists.
* We are actively involved in Outreach. We have monthly visits to Ste. Anne's Hospital and have, in the past, provided financial contributions to, for example, Montreal City Mission, Mission and Service, Caring and Helping Hands, Cheshire Foundation, Saint Columba House, West-Island Women's Shelter, West Island Palliative Care Residence and Ste-Geneviève United Church.

"A Church Family To Come Home To!"