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Ste-Geneviève United Church (Ste-Genny's)

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Our History & Mission

STE-GENEVIÈVE UNITED CHURCH was founded in March of 1958, with the official inauguration being instituted by the Montreal Presbytery of The United Church of Canada in November 1958. STE-GENEVIÈVE UNITED, along with ROXBORO UNITED, formed a single, two-point Pastoral Charge until January 1961 when two separate Charges were established.

The name, "STE-GENEVIÈVE," was chosen because the whole region, at that time, was known as Ste-Geneviève-de-Pierrefonds.

This Congregation was formed as a result of the vision and hard work of a few people in this area who felt called to establish a place of worship in the tradition of The United Church of Canada. Over the decades, many initiatives have fostered friendship and a sense of community and fellowship in the congregation and the community it serves. The Couples Club, the Hog and Snort (variety show), military whist (card game), bazaars, garage sales, and other such activities provided both entertainment and a sense of community and belonging. From 1987 to 2011, Ste-Genny’s involvement in the Cursillo movement helped deepen the congregation’s spiritual connection to God and to each other. The life changing effect of this spiritual journey can still be felt in the congregation today. Ste-Genny’s entered an important time of transition and challenges in 2018 with the sale of the church building to Voluntas commemoration and again in 2020 with the corona virus pandemic. Having access to less space in the church building means rethinking the way we organize social events. As a close knit family, Ste-Genny’s has maintained a community of care throughout the pandemic and beyond through worship and other groups via zoom, and through a telephone committee, reaching out in priority to those who have limited access to online technologies.

We serve the western and central parts of Pierrefonds, the western part of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Île-Bizard, Ste-Geneviève, and part of Kirkland. We also have people coming from other municipalities of the West Island. Since 2020, our weekly services are available from anywhere in the world via zoom and Facebook.

People of all ages are welcome. We have a United Church Women's group, Discussion/Study Groups, trained Healing Pathway Ministry practitioners (faith-based energy work for mind, body & spirit), Choir, Roma's Kitchen Talk - Cooking for Love and Comfort, etc. Pastoral Care and outreach in a variety of ways is offered.

Ste-Geneviève United Church’s mission is to witness to and for Jesus Christ by partnering with community organizations/groups to provide a variety of healing/wellness opportunities for the community at large and for our own and other faith communities.

Ste-Geneviève United Church's vision is to continue growing in our faith in Jesus Christ - and living it - by becoming a resource centre for the wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit, dedicated to providing opportunities, for the community at large and for our own congregation, to to be part of a caring community.