ORA Loss &Living Program


In September 2016 Ste-Geneviève United Church started a Community Bereavement Program. Sarah Tevyaw was our the first Program Coordinator. She did a tremendous job setting up this program. Sarah conducted a comprehensive Community Bereavement Needs Assessment and developed various programs and workshops. When preparing for these workshops it became clear that there was a need to expand beyond death and dying. Loss comes in many forms and living after experiencing a loss is another important aspect. This led to a change of name to Loss & Living Program.

In March 2017 Judy Coffin researched possible names and designed various logos for each of the suggested names. In the end, the name ORA Loss & Living Program was chosen. Judy also provided the description of our program, and explained the meaning of the word ORA and of the ORA logo, as described on the home page.

In October 2017 Judy Coffin took over as Program Coordinator of the ORA Loss & Living Program.

In April 2018 the first ORA Newsletter was published. A community network guide was posted. This guide lists a wide variety of support services offered by other associations and organizations in our local community.